Base Level On Ground Security Fence


The POLMIL® CPNI assessed BASE Level on ground system employs a reinforced 3m high x 2.5m wide fully framed round-top Panel for maximum strength, clad with 358 prison weldmesh, finishing at ground level to prevent pass under.


POLMIL® fencing is designed for rapid installation, and to be effective on all types of surface. It is intended as an equally secure, re-locatable, on ground alternative to traditional post-in-ground security fence systems. POLMIL® is available for both hire and sale.

This modular system comprises six components: zero trip Base, universal Loading Tray, choice of Ballast, adjustable Brace, fully framed POLMIL® 358 weldmesh Panel. A high level of tolerance built into every aspect of the system means installation can be carried out without special knowledge or experience, and works well on severely uneven or sloping ground, especially as the panels can be overlapped without compromising fence integrity.


The 3m panel height can be extended further with a choice of retro-fit toppings. Ballast options are available using concrete or water, which have been developed to overcome the various environmental and logistical restrictions that may apply on site.


POLMIL® systems have been tested, utilised, and proven compatible with leading CCTV and Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) on multiple global event venues. Fully adjustable on-ground vehicle gates and multiple crowd ‘blow-out’ gates are available, together with various pedestrian door options.

On ground system avoids digging risks

Modular components enable rapid installation

358 prison weldmesh prevents ‘pass through’

POLMIL® works on soft undulating rural surfaces

POLMIL® works on hard uneven urban surfaces

Fully framed panel reinforced for repeated use

Panels overlap to accommodate severe inclines

POLMIL® accepts various ballast options to suit site

Panels overlap to enable precise fenceline changes

Panel can be cantilevered to prevent ‘climb around’

Finishing flush to ground prevents ‘pass under’

Adjustable brace keeps panel vertical on slopes

Lifting pin enables block placing from any angle

Cover mesh protects brace bolts and panel gaps

Optional barbed/razor wire supports

Compatible with microphonic cable perimeter intruder detection systems (PIDS)

Lead-free powder coated finish (any standard RAL)

Panel Dimensions: Height 3m x Width 2.5m

Mesh Pattern: 358 Prison weldmesh

Finish: Standard pre-galvanised and powder coated blue (RAL5001) after manufacture. Other colours to order.

Option, hot dipped galvanised after manufacture for long term deployments in harsh environments.

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