PAS68:2010 Hostile Vehicle Attack Test

POLMIL® CPNI assessed PAS68 rated systems incorporate the anti-terror qualities of BASE Level systems with improved durability. The system has been subjected to special development in resisting deliberate vehicle ramming attacks, achieving a performance classification of: V/2500(N1G)/48/90:2.0/11.5. The additional continuous solid steel resistance strap bolsters the fence line in the event of an attack from hostile vehicles, effectively absorbing the impact energy. Please note: after immobilising the attack vehicle, the POLMIL® system continued to function so neither a person nor following vehicle could pass through the fence after impact.

‘Mob Attack’ Test

POLMIL® BASE Level systems were developed to successfully resist the force of a ‘mob attack’ attempting to breach the fence line. With many various attack methods executed, the fence remained intact with minimal disruption. This on ground, re-locatable system provides effective perimeter protection for critical assets.

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