Ballast Options

POLMIL® Concrete Ballast


The standard POLMIL® Safe-Blok weighs 750kg. This 50 newton concrete block has a 120 year design life, and is ultimately easier to recycle as it does not contain steel reinforcement.


The integral lifting pin enables the Safe-Blok to be carried from above ensuring safe handling, and precise placement, even when working on unlevel ground. It allows the fork lift truck to approach the fence line from any angle to place the block, which greatly assists when working in confined spaces, or alongside other trades.

POLMIL® Water Ballast


POLMIL® designed and developed the Water Ballast Tank for installations where mechanical lifting is not permitted, or environmental considerations take priority. These bespoke plastic tanks have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than concrete.


The empty tanks can be manually carried to the fence line, and then filled with water pumped from up to 500m away. Each Tank weighs 20kg empty and has a capacity of 335 litres providing up to 355kg of kentledge. The interlocking design enables more tanks to be added when required.

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