On Ground Bi-Fold Vehicle Gates


The new bi-fold vehicle gates are designed to facilitate access through the fence line for large machinery such as 110 tonne dump trucks. The Bi-folding leaf’s minimise swing radius to allow safer operation and are less vulnerable to damage. Multi-adjustable hinges and unique locking mechanisms are designed to remain operational even when heavy vibration or ground movement cause the repositioning of one gate leaf relative to another over time.

In keeping with POLMIL® philosophy, the gate posts are surface mounted and highly tolerant of different ground surfaces.


The bi-fold gates are available with 8m or 10m openings.

On ground system avoids digging risks

No trip hazard

358 prison weldmesh prevents ‘pass through’

Two-way access, restrictions available

Optional integral mini door for security access

Optional barbed/razor wire supports

Optional Cover Mesh protects gap between gate leaf and post

Unique drop in Lock Plates for maximum tolerance and ease of use

Lead-free powder coated finish (any standard RAL)

Dimensions: Height 3m x Width 8m or 10m

Mesh Pattern: 358 Prison weldmesh

Finish: Standard pre-galvanised and powder coated blue (RAL5001) after manufacture. Other colours to order.

Option, hot dipped galvanised after manufacture for long term deployments in harsh environments.

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