On Ground Pedestrian Door Panel


Pedestrian Door Panels are interchangeable with the relevant POLMIL® Fence Panel. This enables a door to be inserted into an existing fence line by simply replacing a Fence Panel with a Door Panel.


The POLMIL® doors are designed to open both ways, but can be restricted to only one direction when required.

A Range of locking options and combinations are available:

Heavy Duty Slide Bar for Padlock (Standard) – accessible from inside only.

British Standard Deadlock – accessible from inside and outside. (Often combined with slide bar so door can be temporarily locked from outside to enable ‘walk about’)

Combination Digi-Lock – accessible from inside and outside.

Heavy Duty Emergency Push Handle – accessible from inside only.

On ground system avoids digging risks

No trip hazard

Cover mesh protects brace bolts and panel gaps

Replace any fence panel with a door panel

358 prison weldmesh prevents ‘pass through’

POLMIL® accepts various ballast options to suit site

Adjustable brace keeps panel vertical on slopes

Fully framed and reinforced for repeated use

Design enables two-way access, restrictions available

Various locking options available

Optional barbed/razor wire supports

Lead-free powder coated finish (any standard RAL)

Panel Dimensions: Height 3m x Width 2.5m

Door Dimensions: Height 2.1m x Width 1.27m

Mesh Pattern: 358 Prison weldmesh

Finish: Standard pre-galvanised and powder coated blue (RAL5001) after manufacture. Other colours to order.

Option, hot dipped galvanised after manufacture for long term deployments in harsh environments.

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